The best Job in the world

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Peolpe always ask me what i do for a living. And i always give them the following answer: “I have the best job in the world !!”. And when peolple ask me why I tell them the following.

CareFree_DrAs a nurse I work at a Neurology / Neuro Surgery ward that also has a Neuro Care Unit. And due to this I see a lot of missery and pain in both the patient and their families and when there is time for conversations you tend to have some talk about everything the patient likes to talk about. I always try to stear the conversation to humour and what kind of humour the patient and their families like. Some people like Rowan Atkins and other like Jeff Dunham. I for instance like Bert Visscher and Harry Jekkers (Both Dutch comedians), but I also like Tommy Cooper, Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer. And i always ask them what comedians they like. And in the end we always start to laugh about some joke either I tell or the patient tells.

But to get back to the answer I give people I think I have to explain it a bit.

The best job in the World explained in a few sentences. I am allowed to put in needles, catheters and also pull them out. I give sick making medication. I am (usually) faster then the average patient. I can tease patient. In short I make patients feel misserable and do you know whats so funny about it? When patients leave they always give me a hand AND say “Thank you!!” for al the terrible things I have done to them and that’s why I have the best job in the world.

What is your best job and why?


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