Medical Staff Are The Most Creative People Ever

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When you think of hospitals you usually think of a building where you have to be quiet and serious. When you you think of Christmas you are thinking about family, a fun and good time and you usually rhink of happiness. But what will you be thinking if you combine these two words you will probably be thinking about something like a it’s a great season in which you spend time together as a family even if it has to be in a hospital.

xmas_ecgAnd if it has to be in a hospital you make the best out of it. But the people who have to work days before, with and after Christmas also have to make the best out of it with their collegues, patients and their loved ones. So why can’t you have fun during these times. Take a look at the pictures below and tell me what you think of them?

Update: I found another one that i couldn’t keep for myself

1. Babies born in the festive period are wrapped up in Christmas Stockings.


2. This Hospital Knows How To Be Festive.


3. Blood Pack Of Santa.


4. You Know You Work In A Hospital When The Christmas Decorations Look Like This.


5. Oooohhhh….. Christmas Tree.


6. Speculum Reindeer… Aka Dr.Spreadem.


7. Christmas Light Prescription Bottles.

8. Hospital Decor.


9. Christmasy Skeleton Named Mal Nutrition.


10. Hospital Christmas.


11. Wreath Made Of Pee Jars.


12. Condom Christmas Tree! Don’t Forget To Use One….


13. Dental Hygiene Christmas Tree.


14. Rudolph …… Hospital Style.


15. Have a fun but safe festive season.



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