Humour and a Burn-Out!

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Many different aspects can lead to a burn-out. One of the most important aspects is the work aspect. Within the work aspect you can also see three different aspects that contibute to a possible burn-out.


  • The emotional intensity of the work.
    How one emotional deals with the interaction between (student) nurse/patient and/or doctor.
  • Objective measering of the workload.
    What kind of (difficult) tasks have to be done in a certain amount of time.
  • Subjective measering of the workload.
    How does one experience the objective measered workload. It depends on the person how he or she carries the amount of workload.

Besides these three aspects, the following aspects, to high expectations, role conflicts, role ambiguity,  disturbed communications between doctor and nurse, insufficient attention from co-workers or employer, can also play a part by getting a burn-out.

From my own experience i can say that the emotional intensity of the work was very high because i work on a Neuro Care Ward. But also the communication between me and the doctors and/or nurse xractitioners was disturbed and my employer didn’t do enough for me when i suggested that something had to go different.

I noticed while i was getting a burn-out that my humour was changing. From the light humourous humour it went to sometimes very black humour (but luckely not the sick or discrimination homour). Not only i noticed it but also my wife and my fellow nurses noticed it.

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Is humour being affected while you are having a burn-out?
I now can say yes. My humour has been affected and has been changed to the more dark side of humour.

Is your humour being effected by your work?
Please share your experiences !!

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