Congress in Berlin 2019

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On the 28th of Februari and the 1st of March 2019 I was invited to give a presentation about Humour as a Nursing Intervention at the 28th International Conference on Neurology and Therapeutics 2019. On this congress I found myself the odd duckling because there where all doctors (except for 2 others, a physiotherapist and a researcher).

But that hasn’t stop me from giving my presentation. I saw a few faces that got very bright and the hadn’t expected this presentation to be so much fun. It was completely different from all the others because my presentation had no scientific data or any tables with data in it. No it had just slides of information about what to do and don’t do.

After these two days I spent the weekend also in Berlin. More than a decade has past since I have been to Berlin. That weekend I spent being the ‘Japanes’ tourist. I made lot’s of pictures and if you want to see them, you can find them on my personal website here. But keep in mind these is in my native language Dutch.
A few examples are here !!

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