Finding Your Humourous Side

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There is a humourous side to everyone and that includes you too. Being humourous might make you feel good and attract more friends but if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t matter. Humour also helps to heal us from health conditions because it reduces stress and feeling happy produces ‘happy’ endorphins in the brain, which help us to heal physically and/or mentally.

See the funny side of everything.

Look at things from a different perspective, even simple objects can have a funny side. You might come across hilarious things in books or magazines that weren’t meant to be funny but they could be to you. Do you laugh when you make a typo or correct it without seeing the funny side? Think outside of the box, see things from a different point of view as though you’ve never seen them before, and then try to find the essence that seems funny to you. Basically allow your inner funniness to bypass your logical brain and run riot! You can point it out to your friends but don’t mind if they don’t get it because we all have slightly different senses of humour and that’s good because we don’t want to be robots do we?

Don’t get irritated or angry very easily!

Stay calm and cool, even in the worst of situations. That way, you can have a clear head to solve the problem easily. Point out the solution to your panicky friends and then add a funny side remark. In panicky situations, a simple funny thing becomes ”very” funny. And they will appreciate your help.

Don’t act dumb!

Some people think that acting dumb makes them funny, but actually it makes them the kind of person that people laugh at rather than with. So don’t try to ”act” silly. You’ll see that it’s very cool if you are witty and humorous and not silly and humourous, although it can be fun to be silly when it’s witty silly.

Make friends.

Everyone has their own unique personality and you can joke about with each of them and find out their likes and dislikes, and what they find funny. When cracking jokes or making humourous observations don’t offend them by insulting a favourite person or possession of theirs. Insults are the pseudo-humour of the humourless.

Don’t be rude.

It’s not considered humourous to be rude and insulting. Don’t criticize something if you can’t understand it just to acquire some laughs. Try to appreciate it even if you don’t get it. If some wise remark appears in your head and if it is considerably rude, then don’t say it unless you’re with a close friend/family member or someone with a similar sense of humour to you. You might get some easy laughs at the expense of someone else but you may also lose some friends.

Never let anyone make you feel stupid or small!

If someone tries to belittle you you shouldn’t bite back with something that he/she seems to be embarrassed about. Don’t insult him/her, simply smile and change the subject. It makes you look like you are angry and that is a weakness that some people attack. And don’t get too personal; if she/he starts with something embarrassing and personal about you use clean wit with intelligence. Other than that, don’t respond.

  • Be yourself. You can still make witty remarks by being yourself. Don’t consider yourself as a great big embarrassing heap because you are not.
  • Don’t be rude. That’s very important because most people get carried away and come to a sticky end. Don’t make someone cry and don’t laugh when someone is crying. That’s being mean and you don’t need to be mean to be humourous.
  • Be serious sometimes. People will get sick and tired of your jokes if you are always in a funny mood. Even while being serious, you can drop a smart remark here and there. That’s what’s called ”’cool”’.
  • Don’t be rude to your friends. They are the ones who have your back and if they are not their to look after you, then no one will. So don’t misbehave with them just in order to be humourous. You can kid around with them but not ”’about”’ them. There is a serious difference.
  • Make sure that your remarks don’t seriously affect anyone. Things can get pretty bad if you try to be too smart.

Please let me know how do you find your humorous side?

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