Humour in a time of Covid-19

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I have been searching the internet for humour in this time of Covid-19 and found some interesting blogs. But  when I look back at one of my first few posts about the Theoretics of Humour I discovered that if you look through these three theories you find the following:

First, there’s the Superiority Theory, based on the idea of humour establishing hierarchy in aggressive display.

The Incongruity Theory is based on the idea of humour seeking to resolve the surprising, peculiar or unusual which causes amusement.

Finally, the Relief Theory or Bergson’s Theory is based on both emotional arousal and the release of our anxiety through cheerfulness.

It is worth remembering that physiologically, laughter isn’t just provoked by cheerfulness – we laugh involuntarily when we feel threatened or are faced with aggression either overt and covert. Humour and horror, whether scares or laughs, both genres are “about building tension and releasing it”.

We know that gallows humour thrives in conditions of war – sometimes laughing at misfortune is a way of taking the sting out of things. Incidentally Covid-19 pandemic has given us a new inspiration on morbid, sick or black comedy.

I found these cartoons online and let me know in a comment below what you think of them.


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