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When the immune system fails due to continuous stress

The immune system cannot work undisturbed when our everyday life is hectic and we are stressed. If the body lacks the energy to activate sufficient defenses, constant stress makes us ill. It is therefore important to avoid this permanent stress as often as possible. Active relaxation phases integrated into everyday life have a positive effect on the immune system. Sleep is also part of relaxation. Now the internal organs work undisturbed and can thus fulfill their tasks. Important proteins are produced and the blood vessels expand. Our thoughts also influence our defenses, so the inner attitude is crucial to how intensively the self-healing powers can be activated. Laughing is therefore healthier than moping, especially when you are stressed.

Reduce stress – Laugh hearty together or by yourself

Reducing stress is a constant need. Laughing can help, even if it’s not always possible to laugh out loud at a situation in everyday life or in the office. But it has been proven that a hearty laugh can reduce the stress hormone adrenaline by up to 70%. And dopamine and cortisol were also reduced by 38%. And if it’s good for our health, we should surround ourselves with good humour as much as possible. Everyone can help create a good atmosphere. Let’s do it like the children, they laugh up to 400 times a day, an adult on average only 15 times. – There is still room for improvement!

Relieve stress and fill up with minerals

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium support this motor that drives us forward in everyday life. When our body is running at full speed, like any engine, it consumes energy that we absolutely have to feed it back. In this way we can ensure that our immune system and acid-base balance perform optimally.
When work and studies challenge us, nerves of steel are often required. Tiredness prevents the body and mind from thinking clearly. If you want to do more, you have to support your body with nutrients. If you grab a piece of chocolate now, you will only be rewarded with the happiness hormone serotonin for a short time. Nobody would even think of filling up their car with water if they wanted to go to the racetrack. So a rethink is needed here.

Tip: Better to grab nuts – why is it called trail mix?

Nutrition can support us and our little gray cells a lot. Eating poorly also means that stress reduction is prevented. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to an alkaline diet and fresh dishes and, in return, to avoid fast food. A base bread with sprouted cereals is an additional source of minerals and not mineral thieves.
With the Smoothie Stress away you can ring in the break, reduce stress and recharge your batteries. The basis are many vital substances that quickly enter the metabolism and sharpen your senses and mind when it matters.

Relieve stress – Tension and Relaxation

After work and time for relaxation for body, mind and soul. Movement in any form is a good way to leave everyday life behind. If you prefer to take it easy, then an alkaline bath is ideal for relaxing.
In a warm alkaline bath, the body always feels light and in this way the muscles gradually relax. Anyone who was still busy with the thoughts and problems of everyday life at the beginning of the bath will quickly notice how clear their mind is now. You automatically close your eyes and let yourself drift. In the meantime, the skin is also busy freeing the old contamination from the connective tissue. And after the bath there is a wonderful positive lightness. This feeling of well-being is also transferred to your thoughts and makes you feel happy.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a special experience.

Reduce stress – Laughter clears your head

Stress in everyday life can hardly be avoided these days. Deadlines and time pressure place high demands on our physical and mental willingness to perform every day. In such a situation, it is not always possible to evade these requirements. Do you want to relieve stress? A walk during the lunch break with exercise brings a lot of oxygen to the brain can positively interrupt the rhythm of the day and help you to start the second half of the day more relaxed and more effectively. Anyone who walks attentively through nature will be able to enjoy many things that will put a smile on your face.

Reduce stress, there is still a long list of ways to get rid of stress. For example, not cluttering up the day with things that may not really be necessary or that can be done at another time. Everyone has to make their own way and find what is best for themselves. These are just a few very simple, quick-acting suggestions.

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