Funny Situation

I am collecting all kinds of funny situations of what nurses are saying and doing.

Nurse hears her pager/tracer ringing and instead of looking at the pager/tracer she looks at her Phone who is ringing!!

Female Nurse to a patient: “Just go lie on your bed and I will be there soon!!”

Patient has shoulder pains because of the use of Diclofenac.

When I was working on a Neuro Care Unit at a university hospital, an ambulance brought in a homeless person they had found unconscious in an alley. The man was filthy, his breath reeked of alcohol, and he had lice crawling on his body. It took two of us more than an hour just to clean him up enough for admission. It was difficult work and our senses were overwhelmed with unpleasant sights and smells. I read the intern’s admission note on the way up in the elevator. It said, “Patient carried into E.R. by Army of body lice, who were chanting, “Save our host. Save our host.” I laughed heartily at this amusing picture and suddenly my struggles of the last hours were put into a humorous perspective and I felt a lot less angry and a lot more compassion.

Patient to Nurse: “Could you please empty my Room Convenience?”.
Nurse: “Your what ??”
Patient held up his urinal.

If you have any more funny situations, please humour me by leaving a comment !!