Humour on the job

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It’s called ‘Seasing the moment!’.
That’s what you do when there’s an oppertunity to use humour (as a nursing intervention).

Situation: There’s a 24 year old patient who has been admitted to our Neuro Care.


His parents and his girl-friend came to visit him. His girl-friend also brought a teddy bear for him (which is cute btw).

I didn’t think that the patient would leave the hospital so i still had to tidy his bed and when the doctor wanted to talk to the patient and his parent i seased the oppertunity to tidy his bed.

While i was tidying his bed i came across the teddy bear and dicided to use him for a funny moment.

Well what did i do? I took the teddy bear and gave him a blood pressure cuff and put him in the made bed. When the patient and his parents came back the all had a laugh and appriciated the moment.


When was your last time when you seased the moment to use humour?


P.S. The picture was the end result.

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